Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Signing Off

Nine and a half months ago there was a knock on my door and someone delivered a message that would alter my life's course forever.  I had a choice at that moment. The news could make me grow bitter, or I could absorb it and let it change me into a more compassionate human being. Each morning when I wake up, I try to choose the latter.

During the school year, several things were in maintenance mode as I struggled to come to terms with what my life was about to become. This blog was one of them, and I wondered what my writing future looked like.

This summer I dove into my mess, determined to find answers and direction. I am figuring out what I need to let go of in this new season and what to hang on to. It was not the summer I planned on, but I was grateful to have time and space to do some self-examination.

A few days ago, I was offered a social media coordinator position for a local Celebrate Recovery group.  This is an opportunity to use what I am learning to help and encourage others.  It is an opportunity to use my pain for something good.  As a result I plan to stop writing regular posts for Artistry of Education and dedicate that time to writing about hope, grace, and freedom in knowing the truth.

I have enjoyed the teacher blogging space for the last six and a half years.  I plan to leave the blog and stores up as resources for a while.  It's time for my writing life to follow my new calling.

Thank you for reading and sharing with me all these years,

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Quote of the Week--August 6, 2017

"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.  Just get people to stop reading them."

Ray Bradbury

Have a good week,

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