Monday, January 2, 2012

Mrs. Bauer's Class -- Rebooted

          Before I left for winter break, I took the time to prepare specific lesson plans for the first day back.  I know that in some ways this will be like the first day of school: I will need to teach or reteach routines.  Unlike the first day of school, some of us have become entrenched in bad habits.  This is my chance to reset my classroom in some ways.  I have figured out some things that are not working and I am excited to try some new ideas.

          For example, I am changing what they do for morning work.  First, I had students write in their journals first thing.  Then, I tried math problem-solving.  This time I will have the students practice editing sentences.  I find that rotating the activities I do for entry tasks keeps those tasks from getting stale.

          What changes do you want to make in your classroom in 2012?

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