Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Dishonest Groundhog

Recently my students finished Groundhog Predictions a unit where they track the weather for six weeks after making a prediction on Groundhog Day.  Many groundhogs around the country predicted early spring.  We predicted early spring.  Yesterday, we had enough snow to be two hours late.

I wrote this free unit to follow the parts of a science experiment according to Washington State standards: Question, Prediction, Materials, Procedure, Data, and Conclusion.  If you downloaded my Science Experiment Plan, you will notice it follows the same pattern.

We started Groundhog Predictions in the middle of our student designed experiments, so the students would use this format several times this year, before they take the state test in science next year.

Groundhog Predictions 2013 can be downloaded from TPT or TN.

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