Monday, July 13, 2015

Art Projects for the Classroom

One of the subjects I never let go of despite pressure from above is art.  Our school is fortunate to have an Art Walk every year and we still have art on the report card.  I don't feel guilty for including this in my weekly plans.

Once a week I teach an art lesson.  I often integrate it with something else we are learning.  For example, the piece shown above teaches students about rotational symmetry.  Click here for this lesson. 

Next, I give time during the week to work on the projects.  I have a two drawer filing cabinet with hanging folders and students are responsible for maintaining their own art portfolios.  Some years I have made filing art in portfolios a class job, but I found that if students have responsibility for filing their own work fewer pieces go missing without names.

Below is my Pinterest board with art projects for school. I use this board in class with my students.  If you have favorite art projects you do with upper elementary students, I would love to read about them.

Follow Mary Bauer's board art projects for school on Pinterest.


  1. I taught art many year ago and also taught it in my homeroom. I also integrate art into my Social Studies and Religion curriculum. This symmetry project is beautiful.


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