Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday the Thirteenth Activities

Next Friday is the Thirteenth of November.  I love learning about superstitions with my upper elementary students, and I have created several lessons I teach on Friday the Thirteenth.

The latest lesson is create your own superstition.  Students fill in the blanks in a worksheet like the one pictured above.  This could be used as a writing warm up or literacy station.

To download "Create Your Own Superstitions" click here.

In case you missed the other Good Luck/Bad Luck lessons, here is a list of previous posts:

Friday the Thirteenth Writing Prompt
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Good Luck/Bad Luck Poem
Good Luck/Bad Luck Story

I recently packaged all my superstition activities as a freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers and my Teachers Notebook stores.

Happy Friday!


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