Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vocabulary Page for Bell Work

I have been creating a series of vocabulary pages for morning work to use in my fifth grade challenge classroom. The form you see above is the first one.  I list two words each morning during the week.  Students use tools--electronic and hard copy-- to look up the definition, a synonym and antonym for each word.  We discuss our findings after I have taken attendance and lunch count.  I have them turn in the entire sheet on Friday.

Right now I am using a SAT vocabulary list to choose my words.  Any word list will work for this activity.

To download the Synonym/Antonym page from my Google Drive, please click here.

I have recently updated my Poetry with Synonyms and Antonyms in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Poetry with Synonyms and Antonyms is also available in my Teacher's Notebook store. 

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