Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Claim: A Coordinate Graphing Game

Think of this as a different version of the Dot Game, where players take turns drawing lines between dots trying to complete as many squares as possible.

 In this version, players claim dots by calling out the coordinates for a particular point.
When a player claims the fourth point of the square, they color in the square.  The player who colors in the most squares wins.

 (Note: when we played this in class, one of the students asked if they could create any sized square and claim the area inside the square.  After experimenting a little, we decided that you had to claim the smaller squares on the board.)

I have printed out half a class set of this board, put it in a plastic cover, and we use dry erase markers for reusable game boards.

Claim is a free game available in Artistry of Education @Teachers Pay Teachers.

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