Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Did I help someone today?

A little more than a year ago, I was taking a break from teaching and working retail.  Having this job change gave me perspective.

For those of you who haven't worked retail sales, this is another industry where someone else sets goals for you and every interaction is measured based on those goals.  

Did I greet the customer within 30 seconds?
Did I build rapport?
Did I start them in the section of the store with the most expensive items?
Did I sell them more than one item in the transaction?
Did I get them to sign up for store credit?
Did I get them to purchase the extended warranty?

I quickly became overwhelmed with all that I was supposed to remember in each conversation with a customer.  I wasn't meeting "my goals."

I talked with a more experienced salesperson who guided me to a simpler goal: Did I help someone today? I wasn't meeting other people's goals for me, but I could meet that one.

This week we are finishing first semester.  I am worrying about grades and goals alongside my students.  I am concerned about what their parents will think and how this process will reflect upon me with administration.

I need to go back to a simpler focus: Did I help someone today?

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