Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kahoot's Customer Service is Fabulous

This is a completely unsolicited testimonial of my experience using Kahoot in my classroom this year.  I do occasionally write posts for products when people ask me to, but only for something I have actually tried in my classroom. My opinion is always my own.

My students love to play Kahoot.  

I started having them create math quizzes for each other at the end of a unit.  They were hooked.

Tech sites are great when they work, but not all of them are very responsive when something goes wrong.  I am happy to report that Kahoot got back to me every single time with a helpful suggestion.

My students are on 1:1 Chromebooks.  We log into Google for everything.  The problem started when they changed or forgot their passwords and tried to log in again.

The password reset process is an email sent to the account holder's email.  They problem is our district will not let students receive email from anyone outside our district.  (This is a good policy in general, it just made it a challenge to complete this particular project.)

After several emails back and forth to Kahoot, they gave me a work-around that allowed me to control password changes.  I was very impressed with their helpfulness and wanted to give them a shout out.

Now I love Kahoot!

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