Friday, September 7, 2012

Free Poetry Resource

Have you checked out my poetry blog Poems of Silliness?  I started this site because I did an April Poetry Challenge a couple of years ago where poets write a poem a day.  Last October, I challenged myself to post a poem today for a year.  Along the way, I investigated different forms of poetry and it has become a tool I use for teaching poetry in my class.

I am hoping that other teachers will find this resource useful.  You can search for a poem on a particular topic in the tool bar.  You can click on a tag to see a set of poems in a particular form. 

I can't wait to begin teaching poetry to my fourth graders this year.

Update June 2014: I have replaced the April 2012 & April 2013 challenges with 10 Poetry Forms.  This packet is all the same poetry lessons in one place.  To download the freebie 10 Poetry Forms from TPT, click here.  To download the freebie 10 Poetry Forms from TN, click here.

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