Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank you new followers -- free gift

Yesterday I reached 100 followers.  I thought about doing a giveaway, but I decided that creating a gift for all my friends and followers best represented how I feel right now. 

If you are new to Artistry of Education, I want to share with you my publishing schedule:
Sunday: Quote of the Week
Monday: Whatever is on my mind
Wednesday:  Book Reviews  
Friday: classroom resources like Free Curriculum, Websites, and Writing Prompts

I sometimes write on other days of the week -- especially if I am collaborating with other teacher bloggers on something.

Here is my thank you gift to my friends and followers.  I wrote a lesson using a message in a bottle writing prompt.  It's available in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook Stores.

Message in a Bottle at Teachers Notebook

Message in a Bottle at Teachers Pay Teachers

Thanks again for joining me.  I hope I can continue to exchange ideas about teaching with you.

Update: Here is a craftivity that I developed to publish the stories.


  1. Thanks a bunch from your 101st follower!

    My Teacher Friend

  2. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! I am your newest one, and I look forward to reading and exploring your blog!



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