Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Settlement

Update: Click here for a printable graphic organizer to create a character description and background information for a writing activity.

I'm in the process of cleaning out my room to get ready for summer.  I snapped a picture of the settlement we created as a part of our social studies unit.

I usually have students research what life was like for settlers in Washington State.  I use photographs from the local university and historical society to show students what life was like then.  We research different inventions to make sure we have no anachronisms. Next I have them write a journal as though they were living here in that time.

This year, we created the settlement as a class to have a common place and events to include in our stories.  The students developed characters to write about.  We even had some claim jumpers and land grabs in our settlement. Some students were placing buildings on other people's claims.  The land office (me) had to settle disputes.

I have several writing assignments like this one in my Writing Historical Fiction product available in my TPT and TN stores.

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