Friday, April 29, 2016

Odd One Out Number with Support for English Learners

Earlier this year I covered a maternity leave for an English Language Learner teacher.  A few years ago, I had learned G.L.A.D. strategies for helping students acquire language.  Recently I finished the S.I.O.P. training to get even more tools to teach this population. As a result, I have been reviewing many of my products in my Teachers Pay Teachers and my Teachers Notebook stores and creating new resources.

English Language Learners need as much practice as possible reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.  When I design small group activities, students have more opportunities for interaction.

Odd One Out is an activity I developed for students to practice their math vocabulary.  A group of three or four students gets a half sheet like the one shown above and students discuss which number does not belong.  They record their answers on a sheet of notebook paper--one per group.

How I would adapt this lesson for ELLs is to make sure they know what vocabulary words they need to use.  For the sheet above in a fourth grade classroom, I would have them work on factor, multiple, prime and composite.  This ensures they practice the academic language used in Common Core.

To download a freebie with four activities like the one shown above, please click here.

My full Odd One Out product is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Teacher's Notebook store.
This 22-page packet has 16 geometry sets, 22 number sets, and 6 money sets.
Happy Friday!


  1. I like your idea of math vocabulary. I think this resource might be very useful for people with dyslexia as much of the misunderstanding is in the language of math.


    1. There are lots of reasons to teach math vocabulary intentionally. Thank you for stopping by.


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