Monday, April 4, 2016

Why I Still Blog

It's been five years since I started blogging and sharing my ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.   Originally I thought I was going to be a voice for teachers and make a difference in the profession.  I can't say that I have made the type of impact I hoped to.  I burned out of teaching a year ago and took an extended break.  I have returned as a substitute teacher and I see my colleagues exhausted physically and emotionally from the same factors that caused me to quit.  It's discouraging.

I certainly don't blog for the money.  (Enough said.)

Yet, I'm not ready to quit.  I am content for now to promote the type of teaching I believe in--the type of teaching that has worked for me. I have found it easier to share what I love instead of gripe about what I hate.  (Okay, I do post the occasional rant.)

I hope Artistry of Education helps others even if it is one teacher at a time.  I know that small efforts over time can add up.

Just in case you aren't a regular reader, here is my weekly schedule:
Sunday: Quotes
Monday: Random Thoughts
Wednesday: Book Reviews
Friday: Freebies

Thank you for joining me on this continued journey,


  1. Every blog post makes a difference! If your post helped one teacher, it probably helped 20 students. That is making a difference in the world! :) Keep your head up!
    ~Heather aka HoJo~


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