Friday, June 10, 2016

Compare and Contrast Two Texts

Today's freebie for Friday is a style of Venn Diagram with lines already drawn so students can neatly write in facts.  There is space on the type to copy the title of two articles the student is comparing.

I would use this organizer as a part of a gradual release lesson.  First we would read two articles and compare and contrast as a class.  Next I would use this with partner work.  I could use it with small groups who needed re-teaching.  It could be a part of independent practice after we have used it several other times in class.

Scholastic News often has two or more articles with a single topic.  I especially like the opinion page where opposing opinions are expressed with supporting information.

To download the Venn Diagram printable pictured above, please click here. 

This graphic organizer is a part of a larger, recently updated product called Graphic Organizers for Reading Informational Text.  You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Teachers Notebook store.

Happy Friday!

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