Monday, June 13, 2016

Preparing Lessons for English Learners

This is a series of book study posts about Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners.  I'm glad I'm spending some time this summer to reread this book and share what I'm learning here.  I took the SIOP Model class this spring, but there is a lot to remember and implement.

I plan to focus on the chapter for each of the eight components of this model. This week I read Chapter 2 Lesson Preparation. 

Lesson Preparation is broken down into six features: 
  • content objectives
  • language objectives
  • age-appropriate concepts
  • supplementary materials
  • adaptation of content
  • meaningful activities for language practice
Most of these are features of any well-designed lesson.  I was reminded that students who are learning English need to have materials that are age-appropriate and not watered down.  They also need intentional practice with listening, speaking, reading, and writing in every lesson.

Many classrooms have their learning targets displayed prominently.  When I prepare an ELL lesson, I need to consider what vocabulary they will need and how they will practice this.

I feel like my strength is using supplementary materials to illustrate the concepts I am teaching.  I have never been a fan of highly scripted lessons.  

What works well for you?  
What questions do you have?

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