Monday, July 4, 2016

Learning Strategies for ELLs

This post is the fourth in a series about the SIOP model.  I encourage you to either take the class or buy the book for a more in-depth study.  I found myself adapting lessons for my ELL students as a result of this class.

If you are reading my series and you missed a post, I have tagged all of the posts "Comprehensible Content."

The fourth component of the SIOP model is called Strategies. Strategies are not merely activities the teacher plans for a class. Students need to have learning strategies that they can use to access new information.  Teachers may provide scaffolding in the form of graphic organizers, anchor charts, or think alouds. Students who are learning English must be presented with higher order questions or tasks, so they can keep up with their peers.

The ESOL Odyssey blog has a summer series on questioning techniques for ELLs.  This post gives you some strategies to try.

All students need strategies to think deeply about content and take ownership for what they learn.

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