Monday, July 18, 2016

Planning for English Learners' Language Practice

I'm continuing my series on the book Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners.  I have tagged all of these posts "Comprehensible Content" and I plan to do a wrap up post, so if you missed one you can catch up.  (Or just use this series for reference.)

Component six of the SIOP model is Practice and Application.  This includes using hands-on materials, activities for students to apply both content and language, and activities to practice all language skills.

When I was helping a student from El Salvador with math, I brought out the base ten blocks.  I did this more so that I could show rather than tell what she needed to do to solve the problems in class.  I showed her step by step on paper, but also used a model to demonstrate what I was saying.

Anchor charts are another useful tool for all students, but especially students learning English.  The charts we create as a class need to be accessible--either on the wall or in a handout for a notebook.

What ways do you make sure your students are getting meaningful practice?

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