Monday, October 28, 2019

Parent Teacher Conferences 2019

I missed blogging. I had to come back and I'm surprised that after two years of ignoring Artistry of Education, my following has grown.

I have had quite a personal journey in the last five years and I may share bits and pieces here, but most of it feels like it belongs in a bad made for TV movie instead of a teaching blog.

I went back to teaching the fall of 2016. I spent three years teaching fifth grade in a gifted and talented program.  This year I moved to third grade in the same program.

But enough about me...

This last week I had student/parent/teacher conferences.  After years of traditional parent teacher conferences where I told the parents how things were going and then they went home and told their children, I facilitated student-led conferences for three years. This year, I decided to give everyone a list of questions ahead of time and simply have a conversation about how things were going.  I think it was less stressful for everyone and the parents could excuse the students for part of the conference if there was something they wanted to share with me privately.

I tell my students that I don't tell their parents anything I wouldn't tell them.

There were a couple of funny moments last week.  In the middle of his conference, one student asked if he could have a private word with his dad. (I still don't know what that was about.) 

One student stayed up past his bedtime to finish a writing assignment so he wouldn't be in trouble.  He didn't realize that the computer showed that he turned it in just before midnight, so he was in a different kind of trouble.

Three students made a pact of silence the day after their conference, because they got into trouble for talking.  Third graders can't stay silent for three minutes, not the three hours they planned.

I love my job. 

Here is a link to my newest free product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Conference Recording Sheet.

It's good to be back.

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