Monday, November 4, 2019

Did you survive Halloween?

Did you survive Halloween?

This year Halloween was on a Thursday, which meant that Friday we had school with overtired, over-sugared students.

We weren't supposed to wear costumes, but some students ignored that directive.  Since we changed the dress code, we don't really do anything when students come to school dressed inappropriately.

One of my students came dressed as a unicorn.  She refused to math and when I pushed her, she whined, "My biggest problem is that Halloween is on a school day!"  I wanted to agree with her.

One year I had a class where costumes were a regular occurrence.  There were hoodies that looked like animals.  One day three of them came dressed in Hogwarts robes.  They did okay until they got carried away with the wands at recess.

To paraphrase a meme, if nothing exciting happened today, did you even teach?

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