Monday, November 25, 2019

Making Comic Books in the Classroom

Last year some of my students wanted to make comic books for their classmates to read and I wanted to have standards for what I would allow in my classroom so I created a lesson for all of my students.

To be honest, that lesson didn't go well.  I allowed students to turn in either a comic book or a story in Google Docs and the comic books didn't look good and the stories didn't accomplish the purpose I set out, so I scrapped the whole thing and started over.

This year, I read aloud the first book in the Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy series and since I had the same request to do comic books, I tried again.

I used my Heroes and Villains lesson that I had posted previously on my blog and added a rubric and story guidelines, etc.  This assignment was much more successful.

The second half of the request was that students get to share their books in a bin in class.  We came up with a set of rules, because these books are rare, one of a kind works of art.

Comic Book Bin Rules

The books in this box are one of a kind irreplaceable works of art.  Your classmates spent hours making these books.  We agree to follow these rules to protect these rare books:
1.     Borrow one at a time
2.     Read it gently.
3.     Return it to the bin right away.
4.     Never put it in your desk.
5.     Never take it home.
6.     Leave the book in the same condition as you found it.
Remember the platinum rule: treat others the way they want to be treated.  People may not want to share their work with you if you don’t treat it respectfully.

You can purchase the product "Heroes and Villains" in Artistry of Education at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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