Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Favorite Read Aloud # 5 -- Holes

The first time I read Holes, by Louis Sachar, the writer in me was impressed with the plot: nothing was wasted.  The movie closely followed the book.

One of the units in our literacy program has the students read and write book and movie reviews.  They focus on books that have been made into movies. This year, I chose Holes as my book to compare and contrast.  We talk about creating our own images in our mind as we read and compare that to what we see in the movie.  We also talk about why movie versions of our favorite books don't always work. (Although I have to say this movie version is a good one.)

Here is a graphic organizer for comparing and contrasting.  Students put the similarities in the box and the differences in the t-chart.

This post is a part of my series Four Reasons Why I Read Aloud. 
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