Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently...ready or not

It's August first and time for Oh Boy 4th Grade Currently.
Currently I am listening for the sound of rain.  It has been a dry July so I may need to get out there and water my plants.

Currently I love that I have four more weeks of summer.  We didn't get out until June 18, so students don't arrive until September 4.  I still have quite a home and garden to do list.

Currently I think that I should do one thing for my classroom today.  In August, I try to do just a little bit in the days leading up to our contract days.  It's less overwhelming that way.

Currently I want chocolate.  Yes, I usually want chocolate, but I'm out and might have to reward myself for my one classroom job today.

Currently I need to pack up the recipe I made last night for dinner.  I used a recipe from Pinterest for Chicken Tetrazzini that was delicious but made way too much.  I wonder if it will freeze.

My back to school items are mechanical pencils, a new calendar, and a better coat for bus duty.  Mechanical pencils are prizes in my room.  My classroom calendar is 12-years-old and could use an update.  Every day after school we all walk our students to the busses and supervise.  I need something that looks professional and protects me from Seattle drizzle.

Now, I'm off to my favorite part of Currently: blog hopping.


  1. OH I love chocolate and it has rained all summer in Florida. BOO!
    Happy Teaching

    1. You must have gotten all our rain. North of Seattle we get a constant drizzle.

  2. Here from currently! I am SO jealous of your 4 more weeks of summer! I go back Wednesday. Kids next Monday. I'm your newest follower :)


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