Friday, November 22, 2013

Free Editing Checklists Aligned with Common Core

Download Free Editing Checklists from my Teachers Notebook Store.
Download Free Editing Checklists from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I love teaching writing to upper elementary students.  I originally developed checklists to align with the writing assessment we give here in Washington State.  Now that we are adopting Common Core, I modified this tool accordingly.

I use these lists in three ways:
  1. I can assess a set of writing samples and decide what lessons I need to focus on with the whole class, small groups and individual.
  2. I can have students edit each others papers with guidance.
  3. I can have students assess their own work before they turn it in.
I typically have rubrics as a part of my assignment that I use for grading.  These checklists are a part of my formative assessment.

I have just updated all of my Teaching Genre units with these checklists and other activities.

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  1. I found your blog through Maniac Monday. Thank you for this wonderful freebie. This will be great for my fourth graders.


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