Friday, November 29, 2013

The Case of the Missing Snowman

I might be getting a reputation for creating quirky writing lessons.  I think it was about the time I framed the Easter Bunny for B & E, but I'll save that one for another day.

This is an exercise in point of view.  I wrote the writing prompt and had my students consider how the story might be told from different perspectives. 

(Caution: the year I taught sixth grade, some turned my gentle snowman into a creature of horror.  You may want to decide in advance what genres you will allow.)

To download The Case of the Missing Snowman at my Teachers pay Teachers Store, click here.

To download The Case of the Missing Snowman at my Teachers Notebook Store, click here.

As always, I hope you enjoy this lesson with your students.

Update: Here is a post where I update and show bulletin board possibilities.

You can purchase all ten forms I use for creative writing assignments and bulletin boards here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and here in my Teachers Notebook store.  I have included at least two suggestions for each form that are not here on my blog.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing! I was looking for a December writing assignment for my class, and now I am set for Monday. I can't wait to see what my students come up with.

    1. I hope I gave you a little more time to enjoy the weekend. Thank you for such an encouraging comment.

  2. How cute! My fifth and sixth graders will enjoy this! Thanks so much for sharing, Mary! I had to chuckle when you mentioned your sixth graders and turning the snowman into a creature of horror. I always have to tell mine... no Hollywood blood, guts, and gore; G-rated only! I never have to say anything to the fifth graders, but those sixers! LOL!

    1. Angela,
      Now I teach fourth grade. I'm not as worried about what they will turn this prompt into. I still enjoy the sixth graders in our school, just as their former teacher. ;)


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