Monday, December 23, 2013

Rumors: A Drama Game

Do you remember playing "Telephone"?  All the participants are seated in a circle.  The first person whispers a message to the next person and each person whispers to the next in turn.  The last person tells the message out loud to the group and everyone giggles when the message is messed up.

Imagine a competitive game of "Telephone".  This time the players are divided up into two teams.  Each team is given a message and that message is whispered down the line.  The last person says the message out loud and the team that got the message to the end most accurately wins.

I tried this with Drama Club, but it could easily be an end of the day activity to practice speaking and listening.

Click here to download a list of five messages related to popular middle grade fiction. Students can create their own messages based on any topic you choose.

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