Friday, February 7, 2014

Metric Conversion Chart

I have been working on activities that supplement our adopted curriculum in geometry and measurement.  This is a tool that helped some of my students converting metric measurements.  I explain that everything in the same row is equal. 
  1. Find the column that matches the unit you are starting with. 
  2. Move down until you find the space where it shows one. 
  3. Move along the row until you find the equal amount for the unit you are converting to. 
  4. This is the amount by which you multiply.

Here is an example: How many ml are there in 4 liters?
  1. Find the liters column.
  2. Move down until you find the box for 1 liter.
  3. Move across the row until you find the box that shows how many milliliters is equal to 1 liter. (1000)
  4. Multiply 4 X 1000 to get your answer.  (Be sure to label it with ml.)
Dimensions is a set of geometry and measurement activities I created for my students.  Dimensions is available at Artistry of Education @ Teachers Pay Teachers and Artistry of Education @ Teacher's Notebook.
Students begin by measuring the dimensions of a rectangle and find the area and perimeter.  Next, they cut on the diagonal to create two congruent triangles.  They measure the area and perimeter of the shapes they can create with the triangles.  My students became so efficient with this that they could teach the fourth graders in the other class how to do this.

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