Monday, February 3, 2014

Using Geometry Vocabulary in Art

I have focused on teaching geometry in January.  I wanted to share all my posts in one place in case you missed some.  I am adding a couple of extras by other authors I think are worthwhile.
Mini Matisse

I found this project on Pinterest and tried to find the original author.    Here is the post where this geometric project is described.  She has comments from the original artist.
I found this was a great activity to have my students practice their vocabulary.  We talked about how the small shapes were really rhombuses (rhombi).  We discussed congruent shapes and horizontal, diagonal, vertical, and parallel lines. Students had to exercise careful observation while copying the shapes and then I had them create their own.
Create a Star
I featured this product in an earlier post.  Virtually Montessori has created this freebie for her TPT store.  My students say this has been one of their favorite drawing projects this year. Students practice using words to describe lines and angles as they create a one of a kind star.
Here are some of my posts you may have missed:
 I would love hear from teachers who tried these with their students.

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