Friday, February 21, 2014

When Good Fairy Tale Characters Go Bad

My students were finishing up our Writing Fractured Fairy Tales Unit and I needed to change the bulletin board in the hallway.  Voila! I modified my Wanted Poster (available here as a free Google Doc) and had my students illustrate an aspect of their story.

I teach fractured fairy tales, because it helps them see the elements of a story and what happens when you change a part.  I considered adding this activity to my existing paid product, but decided that I would just present it as a stand alone freebie.

Yes, I do enjoy writing quirky lessons for my students.  I hope you enjoy them, too.

You can purchase all ten forms I use for creative writing assignments and bulletin boards here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and here in my Teachers Notebook store.  I have included at least two suggestions for each form that are not here on my blog.

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