Friday, October 3, 2014

Free Spinners & Giveaway

If you have been following along the last several weeks, you have downloaded several freebies related to teaching probability.  If you missed some of those posts, click here.
Although probability isn't called out until sixth grade in the Common Core standards, there are other mathematical lessons that can be taught with these materials and it exposes students to the language for later.

In addition to the freebies on this blog, I have dedicated several problems to probability on my website Math Spies.  Today's freebie is the spinners that go with several of the problems.  Students determine whether or not the games are fair and defend their answer mathematically.

Here is a black and white printable version of the spinners available on my Google Drive. These may be used to help students think about the Math Spies' problems or they can be used for other experiments with probability.
I hope you have enjoyed this series with your class.
The giveaway is closed 10/6/14.

Update November 2015
In this packet are seven “carnival games” students will evaluate based on likely and unlikely outcomes. I have included a tri-fold page with the words “likely, unlikely, and impossible” so all students can respond at the same time in class discussion.

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