Monday, April 6, 2015

My Spring Break Plans -- Sleep

What are your spring break plans?  While some of my colleagues have travel plans, I'm getting caught up on the boring stuff this week like laundry, meal planning and sleep. 

Usually, I make it a point to get 7-8 hours of sleep.  Last month, I had a cough that lasted several weeks and disrupted my normal sleep patterns. 

Coincidentally (or not) I kept reading articles like this one and this one about increasing productivity by getting better sleep.  One article recommended taking naps during the day.  (This was not written by an elementary teacher.)

The other half of the equation is getting more exercise.  A regular exercise routine promotes sleep.  Guess what I will be doing this week.

On a related note:
I'm looking for articles about teacher burnout written by someone who is still in the classroom.  In other words they are successfully avoiding burnout, not preaching to the rest of us after leaving the profession.  If you know of any (including your own posts) please post the link in the comments. Thank you.

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