Friday, April 24, 2015

Ode to a Video Game: Free Poetry Printable

Ode to a Video Game was originally published on Poems of Silliness February 9, 2013.   In case you don't know, Poems of Silliness is my poetry blog.  I have posted over 1000 poems which are searchable by topic and tagged by form. 

An ode is a ten line rhyming poem.  There are various rhyme schemes, but the one in this poem is ABBACCDDEE.

(I don't mind if teachers use these poems for their personal lessons, but please don't use them in commercial products.  Thank you.)

To download the free printable poem, Ode to a Video Game, click here.



  1. Hahaha - the perfect poem for my current addiction, 2048. "2-0-4-8, put me down or you'll be late. Again."
    Thanks for the smile, Mary, and have a great weekend!


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