Monday, April 13, 2015

True Confessions of a Real Teacher

Here is an anchor chart that has been hanging in my room since the first or second week in school.  I know I tried to sit my students all down and talk about building stamina or endurance or whatever the buzzword is today.  Someone or something distracted me and we never got back to this. This chart is a symbol of my year.

A couple of months ago I read a blog post about the pressures on teachers and that sometimes we put those pressures on each other.  It is so easy as a teacher blogger to present only the good things that are happening, so you think I'm better than I really am. 

Pinterest and teacher blogs, etc. bring an unreality to it all.  No one can be the teacher in the photo with the good lighting and engaged children all the time.  We discard so many photos to show you our best selves.  What we think is a good idea, might just be discouraging.

Today, I wanted to show you that I'm real.  I start projects I don't finish.  I'm good at managing my class most of the time, but sometimes my lessons go off target.  I've learned over time not to try to be perfect.  It's okay to be good enough.

Be real...not perfect.

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