Monday, August 10, 2015

It's all about relationship

Lately, I have been sharing a series of classroom management strategies on this blog.  Today's strategy doesn't come with a handout.  Everything I do in creating the culture of my classroom starts with relationship. 

Recently I learned what happens when I don't have relationship.  For two weeks in July, I taught science workshops at a private school.  I had never set foot on the campus, I knew none of the staff or students, and I was using someone else's classroom.

I had a wonderful time getting to know the people at the school.  It wasn't until I started the second week, that I realized I had a disadvantage.  One of the students started to argue with the others, and when I tried to intervene he ignored me and walked away.  I didn't have a relationship built with him, and I had very new relationships with everyone else. 

For sixteen years I have taught in the same neighborhood.  I have watched families grow up and taught siblings.  I had solid relationships with parents.  When there were conflicts, I could resolve them because everyone knew me as fair.

I did get the support of the vice principal at the science workshop.  I was able to resolve the situations in the classroom.  My experience caused me to appreciate the network of friendships I have had during my teaching career.


  1. You are SO right. I remember being a new teacher and trying to enforce school rules at recess with varying amounts of success. After teaching in the same school for the past 8 years I seldom have any resistance, and very often have fun visiting with my "old" students when I'm out on duty or patrolling halls.
    Always Primary

    1. My fourth graders are impressed when I get the sixth graders to behave. I remind them that I will tell them what to do when they aren't in my class.


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