Friday, March 11, 2016

Days of the Week Lesson for ELLs

This year I had a student who moved from El Salvador in November.  One of the first skills I wanted her to have was communicating plans for the week.  I wanted her to know what day to bring her library book and what days to wear her P. E. shoes, etc. 

I created the Days of the Week page shown above.  The words in the boxes below could be cut out or used as a word bank.  This was a perfect lesson to use Google Translate to ensure understanding in her native language.  (To read more about this, click here.)

My student quickly picked up the pattern and we started communicating about plans for the weekend, which days were half days and days off of school.  Intermediate students don't have a calendar lesson each day the way primary students do.  This was a successful intervention for her.

To download Days of the Week, click here.

Happy Friday!

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