Monday, August 1, 2016

Reviewing and Assessing an ELL Lesson

The final feature of the SIOP model is Review and Assessment.  It is important to review the objectives from the beginning of the lesson at the end.  The students need to recognize that they have learned the goals for this unit of instruction.

Of course assessment can be informal and ongoing.  Most teachers can see who understands the material and who doesn't by roving the room, listening to conversations, and looking over shoulders at student work.  This helps me know if I need to reteach the whole group, review with a small group, or just make an adjustment for a student or two.

Because of the system we are in, at some point I need to give a final assessment for a grade.  It is important that students know what they are expected to do to earn a particular grade.  Because I have separated the language and content expectations at the beginning, I can assess each and communicate the results with students and families.

To review all of the posts in this series, please click here or the tag marked "Comprehensible Content."  I would love to hear how you incorporate this strategies in your classroom.

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