Friday, August 19, 2016

Science Experiment Posters

In Washington State, fifth graders have to take the Science Measurement of Student Progress--M.S.P. for short.  The scenarios follow a certain format: question, prediction, materials, procedures, data, and conclusion.
 I make sure that the science experiments we do in class in fourth and fifth grade fit these six steps.  I created the posters you see in this post to put up in the classroom and refer to during experiments.

When it comes to listing the materials and procedures, I talk to my students about the importance of replication.  When scientists publish their results, they must include all the information necessary for someone else to repeat the experiment and get the same results.  Something isn't considered proven until many people follow the directions for themselves.
 All of the science units I have created for my Teachers Pay Teachers store follow this format.
To download this free set of science experiment posters, please click here.

Happy Friday!


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