Friday, February 24, 2012

People of Integrity

I have a tough time leaving my students with a substitute -- or as I prefer to call him/her -- guest teacher.  There are days when the person who comes to take my place has amazing skills and can manage and TEACH my class.  I tell my students that no matter who is in charge of the class I expect them to do what they are supposed to.  I have them make a list called, "People of Integrity" and they write down names of students who are following directions whether I am watching or not. 

When I come back, students who are on several lists earn Privileges and Coupons.  I find that we are all more focused on the positive, and there are fewer people in my room whose poor choices I need to address.

Updated January 4, 2013
Here are some other ways I use Privileges and Coupons:
1. The Desk Fairy
2. Privileges and Coupons -- my incentive system
3. 30 Days Till the End of the Year

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