Friday, March 16, 2012

Dreams of My Students

After reading Seth Godin's free eBook, Stop Stealing Dreams, I wanted to know what my fifth and sixth grade students thought.  I had them answer three questions:
1.  What is school for?
2.  What are your dreams?
3.  How does school help you reach your dreams?

I encouraged them to take the questions seriously, yet answer honestly.  I thought about letting them answer anonymously, but I decided I wanted to make sure that everyone answered the questions.  I was a little discouraged by their answers.

I have several students who don't see school as relevant.  They want to just get through it.  Although most of my students see college and good jobs in their future, it was hard to see past the students who are already discouraged.

Right now I am helping my sixth graders enroll in their middle school classes.  Reading Seth's eBook has affected the conversations I was having with them about their choices.   One whose future I am most excited about is my saxophone player who is continuing with band in middle school, because he knows the high school program is amazing.  He has a passion that will get him through.

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