Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poems of Silliness

My students will tell you that I love reading and writing poetry -- not the serious stuffy poetry -- but the silly play with words kind.  There are so many mini lessons that can be shared this way.  April is Poetry Month and I am challenging my students to write poetry every day we are in class that month. 

Update June 2014: I have replaced the April 2012 & April 2013 challenges with 10 Poetry Forms.  This packet is all the same poetry lessons in one place.  To download the freebie 10 Poetry Forms from TPT, click here.  To download the freebie 10 Poetry Forms from TN, click here.

I have a personal challenge to have a post on my poetry blog Poems of Silliness every day for a year.  I started in October and so far I have been meeting that goal.  I have tagged each poem with its type, so if you are looking for examples of poetry to use in your classroom, it is easy to find.

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