Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Rating Scale for Books

Happy Independence Day to my American readers!

Starting today, I plan to post a book review each week for a year.  I am challenging myself to do this because I want to read books for my age group more intentionally this year. 

Another blogger asked for a guest post in response to my Favorite Read Aloud Series.  I wrote about how I choose books for my class.  As I was writing I realized I have categories for books:

1.  Books I want to share with everyone
2.  Books I share with select students
3.  Books I allow, but don't promote
4.  Books I ask students to take home and not bring back to school

I won't be reviewing books in level four.  I find that it isn't the subject matter of these books and magazines, but the behavior they encourage.  I want my students to increase their level of concentration during independent reading.  Walking around and showing each other weird pictures from Ripley's Believe it or Not , for example, doesn't foster this deep level of concentration.

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