Monday, July 23, 2012

School Trips and Holidays

I traveled to London earlier this month just as their schools were ending their terms and getting ready for summer holidays.  My stepdaughter and I took the trains and noticed school groups taking trips to the museums in Central London.  I hadn't planned to be a part of another teacher's field trip, but I felt right at home.  Children are children in every country.

The museums in London are amazing.  Many of them have free admission.  Public transportation gets you within walking distance.  The exhibits themselves are full of artifacts I had only seen in text books: the Rosetta Stone, parts of the Parthenon, and mummies.
I was surprised that they let us carry our backpacks and take pictures.  I could do neither in some museums here in Washington State.  I have to say I prefer to have my bags searched instead of leaving them unattended somewhere. 

I found myself planning my own school trip, although it is highly unlikely I will be taking my fourth graders from Seattle to London.

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