Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Technology Won't Take My Place

This weekend the newly licensed driver of the family drove by herself for the first time.  She went to a friends house several miles away -- from Edmonds to Sandpoint if you know the Seattle area.  She got directions from Mapquest.
On her way through Seattle, she got lost.  When I texted her to see if she arrived okay, I received the response "Hate. Seattle."  She knew she was on the right street, but couldn't find the house.
Before she left to come home, I texted her my directions to get back.  She followed a friend out of the neighborhood and then wasn't sure she was following the directions, so we talked and texted when she pulled over a couple of times on the way home.
My point: technology is no substitute for human interaction.  I use technology as a tool, but I know my students need a person to reassure them they are heading in the right direction.

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