Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Plans -- Dream Big

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I'm finally on summer vacation.  I say finally because many in the blogging world ended their school year in May and have already started their back to school promotions.  :(

I want a balance this summer between work and play, so I made a list of what I want to accomplish, with room.

1. Summer Theater Workshop -- this is becoming a tradition.  I help out a creative husband and wife team who lead this two week workshop for middle school and high school students.  I learn so much every year.
2. Writing Goals -- I have curriculum, blog posts, and fiction I want to write.  I am creating a weekly schedule so I can stay on track, but I'm setting what I think are reasonable goals.
3.  Ecclesiastes -- my stepdaughter and her friends are in their senior year of high school or in their freshman year of college this fall.  This book has a lot of wisdom in it.  My theme is there are some experiences you can learn vicariously through the mistakes of others.
4. Walking -- I need to get back on an exercise plan.
5. Water -- I find I don't drink enough water during the school year, because using the restroom isn't convenient.
6.  Professional goals -- I have a class I need to take and I will begin reviewing Common Core this summer, too.  I don't want these goals to take over my life.

Have a good summer.

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