Friday, June 14, 2013

Monster Boxes and Character Plans

Last week I shared a project that I made with my students that did not require saving boxes.  This week I wanted to share an activity that made saving boxes so worth it.

I found the original activity on Pinterest, but I didn't want to deal with paint that week.  I taught my students to wrap tissue boxes like a present, leaving a hole in the paper where there is a hole in the box.  We used egg cartons to make the eyes.

On the original site where I found this idea, the creator made these into Tattle boxes.  Students could report their concerns to the monster.

I found these posted just before Valentines Day, so we made them our mail boxes.

I also want to use them as story starters.  Students create the monsters and write a story inspired by this character.  I have included a free download worksheet with some questions for students to answer about their character.  Click here.

You can purchase all ten forms I use for creative writing assignments and bulletin boards here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and here in my Teachers Notebook store.  I have included at least two suggestions for each form that are not here on my blog.

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  1. Such a cute idea. This would be great for practicing character development.

  2. When we made these boxes, several classes stopped by to admire them. I keep thinking of other uses.

  3. Cute project and writing idea. I find that the kids are much more invested in their writing when it is based on a shared activity.

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