Monday, July 15, 2013

Pinterest Pet Peeves

I've been using Pinterest to find and sort projects and recipes I want to try out this summer.  I have learned to click through to the actual website before I pin, to see if the blog post really gives me the information I need.  I have been fooled more than once by the picture and the description.

Here are some pet peeves:

1. A blog post that just has pictures of projects but no materials list or directions.

2. A blog post that is advertised as a recipe, but first I have to wade through family photos of a trip to Chicago.

3. The website crashes my computer with long scripts and pop-ups.

4.  A blog post that rehashes someone else's post.  The original was more focused and succinct.  (See #2.)

5. TMI (never relevant information).

It got me thinking.  I know there are people who feel that they should only post once a day.  I have to say as a reader that I would prefer two clearly labeled posts that are short and to the point over one long post with multiple topics.

I'm just saying...
Is anyone else with me on this?


  1. This happens to me frequently. I need to remind myself to write my own description rather than just "pin" it so anyone who sees my "pins" knows that I actually viewed the site. Hopefully this will cut down on some of the pretty picture lure. Hope you are having a relaxing and fun summer!


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