Monday, July 1, 2013

Teacher Trash Talk

When I wake up this morning, our state budget crisis may have narrowly averted.  Our state budget expires June 30 at midnight, and as I schedule this post, no agreement had not been signed.

One of our legislators, decided that a solution was to write "An Open Letter to Educators" that I found insulting.  Liz Pike suggests that teachers who are discouraged by a lack of cost of living adjustment should find employment elsewhere.

When I first started an education blog, I thought I would be a voice for teachers.  I soon learned that it was healthy for me to ignore the critics.  I avoid reading the comments under educational news items.  I know that my principal, colleagues, parents, and students are happy with my work.  I don't go looking for self worth on social media.

I can't always ignore Pike's attitude and those like hers.  I notice that these attacks happen when we are talking about compensation and they come from people who are far away from today's school setting.  These comments about pensions and time off are nothing new.

My first year teaching, a non-educator friend parroted what she had heard about teachers and pay.  If we cut the pay of teachers then the ones who really want to be there will stay.  Somehow this will improve teacher quality.

Maybe if I should work for free, because I just really love my job.  (I'm sorry, family, I couldn't afford groceries this week, but the good news is I have a fulfilling career.)

I would love to apply this to our legislators who can't agree on public fish consumption statistics, so they can't come up with a budget.  Maybe if we cut pay and benefits, only the ones who care would show up.

I'm willing to give it a try.

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  1. I hear ya! It never ceases to amaze me how free people are to give advice about things they really know nothing about! Hang in there!

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