Friday, July 26, 2013

Time Capsule -- Back to School Printable #1

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I know different school districts begin and end their school years at different times.  My first contracted day isn't until a month from tomorrow, but many of my readers are going back to school much sooner.

This printable is the first assignment I give my students the first day of school as they walk in the door.  It is also on their desks as they walk in the last day of school.  I use it the first day to get to know them.  I use it the last day to have them think about how they have changed throughout the year.

This last year, one of my students looked at her paper and said, "Boy, I didn't even write sentences at the beginning of the year." Others noticed how their tastes in books and games had changed.

To make the time capsule itself, I covered an oatmeal box (cylinder) with aluminum foil and wrote on it with permanent marker.  I rolled the stack of papers and put them inside with the lid.  I left the time capsule on a shelf in full view all year.

Every now and then a student would mention the time capsule to see if I had forgotten it.  I love having traditions like this one in my classroom.

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