Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the Thirteenth List Poem

Today is Friday the Thirteenth and I thought I would share a poetry lesson I have taught about superstitions.

Directions to the students:

Collect a list of superstitions from your friends, family or the internet.  Write a story called "The Unlucky Day" or write a list poem using some of the superstitions you found.

Here is a free poetry printable of my list poem originally published on Poems of Silliness.

Here is my poem "Unless" that follows a Good Luck Bad Luck pattern.  (It also includes some more superstitions as a jumping off place for your research.)

For more poetry to use in your classroom, visit Poems of Silliness.  The tags are organized by poetry form and the bar across the top allows you to search by key word.  No registration required.
Update October 2015: I recently packaged all my superstition activities as a freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers and my Teachers Notebook stores.

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