Monday, September 9, 2013

What Not to Wear: Teacher Edition

Am I the only one who has mixed feelings that What Not to Wear is in its last season?  On one hand, I will miss the makeovers demonstrating that any woman can look classier.  On the other hand, I have cheerfully worn tees and jeans all summer without worrying if I will appear on someone's secret footage.

Here are my "rules" for dressing for work.  (We don't have a dress code.)
1.  Concerning retro, if it was in your closet as a trend the first time around, you can't wear it now.  (Unless it is spirit day.) 
2. No theme sweaters.  You know the ones.  They are made for each holiday with bright colors and applique.  (Unless it is spirit day.)
3. All clothes should be wash and wear.  No dry clean only and no ironing.  I don't have the time and the extra cash for anything else. 
4. When trying on clothes, raise your arms above your head to see if there is a gap.  Try sitting down in a chair and on the floor to see if you can do so modestly.  This is another place where I hope I don't appear in someone's secret footage.  I am grateful that I don't have to enter the 360 mirror.
5. When you find something that fits you and the above rules, it's okay to get it in a couple different colors.  I know this breaks the spirit of What Not to Wear, but when I find something that works I want to use it.

I want to thank Clint and Stacy for their wardrobe advice over the years.  I do know how to put together an outfit: trouser, blouse, completer item.  I know that colors don't have to match, they just have to go.  I still plan to wear comfortable shoes. (See previous blog post.)  I am relieved that they won't be showing up some day to throw out all my clothes.

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  1. Great post! I love that show and am sad it is coming to an end! Also,I am all about getting the same great outfit in lots of colors!

    Eclectic Educating


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